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Family and Personal Essentials

My mid-career and mid-life clients often ask me:

“Am I doing the right things to prepare for my kids’ education, or an emergency? Am I putting enough into my retirement plan? What about the gaggle of 401(k)s I have from former employers?”

I can help you:

  • Identify and prioritize risks and opportunities
  • Look for ways to minimize taxes and optimize investments
  • Find practical approaches to achieving personal and family financial goals

Then, as an experienced financial coach, I can help you get and stay on track.

Retirement Ahead

“Can I afford to retire? When should I take Social Security? What is my best option for Medicare? What about annuities? Would long-term care insurance be a good choice for me?”

I’ll help you explore your options and find what’s right for you:

  • Create cash flow projections for the years ahead, including all knowable sources of income and expenses
  • Sort through your options for retirement income and health care services
  • Identify ways to minimize taxes and retain wealth

I can help you make confident choices.

Personal and Family Crisis

If you’ve recently been widowed, your life is upside down and you’re probably a little scared. I can help make sense out of complicated and stressful issues and help you get your financial house in order.

How I support you:

  • Short and long-term income and expense planning
  • Transitioning accounts
  • Insurance settlements, spousal benefits
  • Tax and estate planning

I’m on your side, and I’m here to help.

Special Needs

Questions that come with caring for a loved one with special can include:

  • How can we make sure that our child will be cared for after we’re gone?
  • Will the assets we devote to his/her care be protected from government clawbacks?
  • What if the siblings are not available to take over?
  • Special needs education is expensive; how can we afford it?

I can help you:

  • Develop a spending plan and cash flow forecast.
  • Support the special needs planning team in Medicare / Medicaid planning
  • Ensure that supplemental needs trust funds are optimally invested
  • Create an effective plan for financing special needs educational

Financial Coaching For Young Professionals*

My coaching clients come to me for guidance on:

  • Setting achievable short and long-term goals
  • Getting the most from employer benefit and retirement plans
  • Putting the power of compounding to work.

Click here if you are a young professional and would like to be considered for coaching.

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