What’s New With Social Security 2023

Tom Belding demystifies the latest updates in Social Security for 2023, from the significant COLA adjustments to the nuances of earnings test thresholds and beyond.

Tom Belding, a renowned CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, recently presented a comprehensive overview of the latest changes in Social Security for 2023. Collaborating with Sage Elder Care in Summit, New Jersey, Tom provided insights into the significant cost of living adjustment (COLA) for this year, explaining its determination and implications for future Social Security benefits. He also delved into the earnings test threshold for 2023, highlighting the potential impact on benefits for those claiming Social Security before reaching full retirement age. Furthermore, Tom touched upon the intricacies of Social Security payroll taxes, Medicare Part B premiums, and the status of the Social Security trust fund. With a focus on clarity and precision, Tom’s session serves as a valuable guide for anyone looking to understand the evolving landscape of Social Security.

Keeping up with the latest in Social Security for 2023? Tom Belding’s comprehensive breakdown offers clarity on pivotal changes, from COLA adjustments to earnings test thresholds. After grasping these updates, ensure you’re well-prepared for your financial journey. Dive into Belding Financial Planning’s 3-step process to solidify your financial clarity.

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